Field research

Author: Lia Bardoel, SimGas BV

What to do to gather all the information you need to start designing? Off to the field! Talking to our sales staff and technicians about their experiences with (potential) customers, interviewing flexbag owners and visiting potential customers for the flexbag. In this blogpost, we will share the outcomes of these interviews and games!

Workshops with technicians and sales people

IMG_20170610_143042Who knows the farmers better than our SimGas staff? During these interactive workshops with games, brainstorms and design activities they have taught us more about potential customers for the flexbag. The main insights were:

  • Farmers want a product that works always. Reliability is key!
  • Farmers want to have a completely finished product. All parts connected to the Flexbag should be designed and delivered by the company.
  • Farmers want to invest in a professional branded product.
  • Building up a trust relationship with the customer is key for sales.

Visit of customers with a flexible digester or potential customers


We have visited flexbag owners and potential customers in the area where we are selling biogas digesters. Some main insights were:

  • Some farmers mentioned the footprint of the digester to be important.
  • Farmers do not want to worry about the functioning of the product.
  • Flexbag leakages are rare.
  • The problem that sometimes occurs is scum formation.


With all the information gathered, we cannot wait to start the design process!